Qaida, Nazra and Hifz


Qaida, Nazra and Hifz


The education system and curriculum of trust schools
Trust Jamiat Talim-ul-Quran is a unique and nationwide institution of complete non-political, non-sectarian teaching of the Quran and elementary religious education and training. And in the backward settlements, the children are being provided with proper outreach, Ba-jived Nazra, Holy Quran, and basic religious education effectively.
In the schools of trust, there is a definite procedure in place from the beginning to the stages of completion in the levels of rule, observation, and memorization, the details of which are as follows:


Classes of Rule and Rule of Conduct consist of two shifts, the students of each shift being separate, the purpose of which is to provide educational opportunities to as many students as possible in the available resources, as well as in modern times. As well as Quranic education, modern education is also a basic need and is also included in the objectives of the trust, therefore students are being given basic modern education along with rules and regulations.

The number of students in each shift ranges from 20 to 25.


When a student enrolls in a degree of memorization, special attention is paid to memorization of the Qur’an as well as its recitation, pronunciation, accent, and implementation of rules, and these matters are kept in mind from the beginning to the end of memorization. Special and special attention is given to the students of the Department of Archiving in the schools of the Qur’an. The rules are memorized.
The academic hours of all the memorization schools are usually three hours (morning, afternoon and after sunset). And noon) students are taught. The number of students in a memorization class is a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 22 to 25.

The number of students in each shift ranges from 20 to 25.

Girdaan / Repitition:

After the completion of memorization of the Holy Quran, the next step is to turn around. This is a very important stage. This is a necessary step, the minimum duration of which is not specified, but the maximum duration is six months, during which it is necessary to complete the rotation.

Upon completion of the rotation, the student can remember the destination, memorize the basic rules of tajweed, be able to apply the rules, and can perform Taraweeh during the month of Ramadan. He could recite the complete Qur’an.

Upon completion of the rotation, a complete final examination of memorization of the Holy Quran is conducted under the supervision of the Trust.

Participate in and if successful they are given a certificate by the Wifaqul Midaris.

Admission Age

  • Age limit for entry into Nazra:
  • Qaida 5 years to 6 years
  • Nazra of 6 years to 8 years
  • Hifz level 8 years to 11 years
    However, if a child can recite the Holy Quran with Tajweed, he can be admitted to the level of memorization even at the age of fewer than 8 years.
  • The above-mentioned ages are standard in terms of degrees. However, since the mission of the trust is to provide Quranic education to as many children as possible with the available resources, the trustees of the trust have decided that The following pages have been fixed for this purpose.
  • Age of over-aged students
  • Rule 9 years to 14 years
  • Status 10 years to 14 years

Online Classes

The use of modern technology is a need of the hour. Given this need, the Trust has started teaching Physical Qiada and Nazra in schools as well as online Qada Nazra education so that the teaching of the Qur’an according to modern requirements is not only in the beloved homeland but also in the world.

Under the trust, a series of online rules and discipline education for female students started in September 2020. Classes are held for half an hour daily from Monday to Friday. Regular classes are then started to the satisfaction of the students, and an online review of the students is also conducted every two months.

Admission conditions

All grades have the following admission requirements:

Terms of Admission to the Qaida

* The age of the student should be 5 to 6 years.
* Student’s B Form / Birth Certificate.

Terms of Admission
* Student age should be 6 to 8 years.
* Student’s B Form / Birth Certificate.
* Identify the letters and correct their pronunciation.
* Succeed in the review of Qaeda Jamiat.
Terms of Admission to Memorization
* Student age should be 8 to 11 years.
* Student’s B Form / Birth Certificate.
* Be able to read the Holy Quran fluently from everywhere.

Terms of entry into the hierarchy
• Have memorized the Holy Quran completely.
* The maturity of the floor should be satisfactory.

Curriculum and Duration:

There is a definite time frame for the curriculum taught in the schools of the trust. The curriculum is completed within the stipulated time which saves the students from wasting their time. The curriculum and duration are as follows:

Monitoring & Evaluation
An integrated and systematic procedure has been developed for the examinations of the schools of the Trust under which not only the academic standards of the students are assessed but also steps are taken to improve the moral training of the teachers and students. These examinations are conducted by the Trust’s trained examiners and examiners on monthly, semi-annual and yearly basis and in the light of their experience as follows:

* In each branch there are examiners according to the schools who regularly examine all the students.
*In addition to monthly reviews, special reviews are also conducted by the Central Examiner.
* Quality of education as well as literacy is checked.
*Goals for the future are given in the light of review reports.
After determining the quality of education and the results obtained, there is a discussion on issues that need to be improved. Good quality students are encouraged by making arrangements for immediate improvement.
• The quality of education is rated according to the rating, better, standard and ideal students while the special attention is given to the weaker students.
In addition to the examiners of the trust, the services of eminent religious seminaries and experienced examiners of various boards are also sought for the examinations of the schools on the occasion of the annual examination.

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