Prison Outreach Program


A silent positive change happens behind bars everyday

Jamiat Talim ul Quran (JTQ) is making waves in the lives of prisoners through its dedicated Prisons Outreach Program. It is transformative journey where the Quran becomes a beacon of hope, education tranforms, and heart finds redemption.

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Transformative Quranic Education

JTQ is not merely importing knowledge; it is unlocking doors to spiritual growth, fostering positive change, and offering a path of redemption.

Donate for Prisoners Program

Program Highlights

Quranic Eduction

Holistic Education
Offering a comprehensive Quranic curriculum covering Qaida, Nazra, Hifz, Darasat e Deeya (2-year diploma in religious studies), and Dars e Nizami (8-year full Aalim Course).

Spiritual Guidance
Immersive teachings of the Holy Quran, mentoring and counseling, that provides solace and direction.

Character Building

JTQ’s program extends beyond education, instilling values aligned with the Quran and Sunnah.

This unique approach of Tarbiah (Character Building) allows the prisoner to reflect on his/her actions, repent and correct their mistakes by becoming piosed and upright Muslims with high moral values as prescribed by Quran and Sunnah.

Skill Development

Building Futures
Skill-based training opportunities equip inmates for a brighter future.

Redefining lives through vocational training and constructive activities.

Our Vision for A Quranic Society

JTQ envisions a society where every individual, regardless of their past, finds the light of the Quran, paving the way for rehabilitation, reformation, and reintegration into society.